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New + Featured Products at IBS 2024 In Las Vegas

New + Featured Products at IBS 2024 In Las Vegas
Posted on02/23/2024 by 2406
2/29/24 update: Last day of IBS!

As the curtain falls on the final day of IBS, Killarney Metals can proudly reflect on being a part of the largest IBS event in history. The enthusiasm for our products has been very clear, with visitors eager to incorporate our stand-out solutions into their projects.

We have enjoyed a busy and productive three days in Las Vegas. We received a lot of support and interest in our product lines, and feel we have developed connections that will help Killarney Metals gain even more recognition throughout the rest of the year! We enjoyed meeting so many new people, reconnecting with existing customers, and sharing what makes Killarney Metals unique in the industry. Thanks to the momentum generated by this year's event, we will undoubtedly progress as we set the bar for spill containment solutions in the industry. 

See you at IBS 2025!

2/28/24 update: Day 2 of IBS!

Day two of IBS was loaded with excitement, creativity, and positive experiences at the Killarney Metals booth. Day 1 set the stage, and Day 2 was an even more memorable chapter in our IBS experience.

The enthusiasm of visitors touring our exhibit and interacting with our team has been genuinely touching, and it underlines our dedication to provide metal solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Our showcase of cutting-edge designs and craftsmanship continues to gain popularity, and it's wonderful to see genuine interest from industry professionals and enthusiasts. Day 2 demonstrated the dedication of the Killarney Metals team and the passion we put into every product. 

We can’t wait to tackle day 3!

2/27/24 update: Day 1 of IBS!

The doors opened at 9 am today for day one of IBS, and it’s safe to say that it has been a tremendous success for Killarney Metals!

Throughout the day, we have had the privilege of showcasing our latest innovations and discussing the unique features that set Killarney Metals apart in the industry. The positive feedback and genuine interest from those who explored our booth have left us energized and motivated for the days to come. As we continue to work through the afternoon, the sense of accomplishment within the Killarney Metals team is palpable, knowing that our dedication to excellence has resonated with the IBS audience in Las Vegas. Here’s to two more days of connections, insights and success at the International Builders Show!

Setting the Stage: 2/26/24 - 1 Day until IBS 2024!

Our excitement is reaching its peak as we put the finishing touches on our booth for day 1 of IBS in Las Vegas! Tomorrow kicks off a fantastic and unforgettable journey, and we are so excited to share the results of months of hard work and dedication. Attendees are in for a treat as they explore our booth, discovering the essence of Killarney Metals and the craftsmanship that sets us apart. 

The stage is set, and we can't wait to welcome you to an experience that lasts far beyond the show. Starting tomorrow, what happens in Vegas, WON’T stay in Vegas!

IBS 2024

Welcome to the frontier of innovation in construction and design! As we prepare for the International Builders Show (IBS), we are pleased to provide you with an early look at our cutting-edge items that will redefine the industry. From new technologies to groundbreaking materials, our IBS showcase illustrates our dedication to pushing limits and influencing the future of building solutions. Join us on this virtual adventure as we introduce a broad range of products and spark a new era of construction excellence. 

What’s new at the show this year? 

Killarney Metals is proud to introduce some exciting new products this year. We are more committed than ever to innovation, design, and our consumers, which has resulted in the launch of two brand new products! Sit back and relax as we proudly present our latest innovations, and discover the unparalleled flair and possibilities they bring to your future projects. 

22" x 24" x 1" - Galvanized Steel Open Front Dishwasher Trench Drain Pan

Our Dishwasher Trench Drain Pan is the ideal combination of style and functionality.  It helps to prevent water from seeping into your flooring or becoming stagnant beneath your unit, while also functioning as a barrier and preventing mold, mildew, and decay, which causes costly and time-consuming damage. The leak pan is made of metal, thus guaranteed to last longer than its comparable plastic-based counterparts. Choose from three different rust and corrosion resistant finishes: Galvanized, Black Powder-Coat, and Stainless steel. Thanks to this pan, cleanup is a breeze!

Open Front dishwasher

Refrigerator Leak Pans

Browse our selection of refrigerator leak pans, built to protect your floors against unplanned spills and leaks. These sturdy and simple-to-assemble pans provide a dependable way to stop spills, guaranteeing a sanitary and stress-free kitchen. Discover the ideal fit for the model of your refrigerator and safeguard your kitchen. Use Killarney Metals refrigerator leak pan, the superior water damage prevention product, to protect your valuables and keep your peace of mind intact.

Most popular: 28" D x 36" W x 1" H - Galvanized Steel Refrigerator Leak Pan

Crafted with precision and durability, this essential accessory acts as a barrier against any unexpected leaks or spills. Designed to fit seamlessly underneath your fridge, this pan ensures that any water mishaps are contained, preventing any damage to your floors.

Leak Pan Application image

Trench Drain Pans

Meet our Trench Drain Pans. These pans are specially designed to protect your home when your appliances inevitably fail you. These durable, high quality metal pans are open in the front to remove water from your appliance when it leaks and keep water from sitting underneath your appliance for extended periods of time. Made to last a lifetime, the trench drain pan reduces the likelihood of mold, rot, and water damage, thus saving you time and money from repairs! Trench Drain Pans are made for ice makers, water heaters, washers, and dishwashers, in Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, or Flat Black. 

Most popular: 34" x 30" x 1" - Stainless Steel Open Front Trench Drain Pan  

The Open Front Trench Drain pan has a drain trough on the entry side, making it easy to maneuver equipment into the pan. The drain trough will collect any leaky fluids that may spill from the equipment, protecting your house or factory from accidental spills.

open front trench drain pan

Rubber Pans

Check out our collection of rubber pans! They work just like our other leak pans, serving as a notification for when your appliance leaks, except they’re made out of rubber. The majority of drip pans on the market are made of steel or plastic, which work for certain purposes, but they lack the advantages of a less harsh, more malleable material. Our round drip pans are designed to fit beneath your appliances, and are practical accessories that offer a sleek and efficient solution to spill and drip containment. 

Most popular: 24” - Natural Rubber Round Drip Pan

This pan is truly a game changer! The unique and pliable natural rubber drip pan is plainly resistant to corrosion, preserves its shape under stress, and can help protect beautiful flooring from scratches and dents.

Round drip pan

Round Pans 

Our round pans are designed to withstand practically any industrial spill containment application. Ideal for spill control in big water systems such as a water heater, these pans are composed of corrosion-resistant materials and have an extremely long service life. Available in metal and rubber, you can feel safe and confident knowing that this drip pan will give long-lasting protection against damage and accidents caused by leaky equipment! 

Most popular: 36” - Galvanized Steel Round Drip Pan

This round drip pan is corrosion resistant and up to the task against any spill concerns. It is made through a process called metal spinning, which produces less waste and is considered the most conservative metal forming process out there! It is truly the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a large, heavy duty drip pan.

Front Load Pans

Our front load floor trays, also known as tapered drip pans, are ideal for use with front-load washing machines. Unlike the problematic plastic equivalents on the market today, this washer tray will withstand the test of time. The pan starts taller at the back and tapers down on the front, making it compatible with the majority of front-load washing machines. The pan also allows for adjustment to lift the washer's leveling feet from the bottom of the pan, allowing the pedestal drawer to function properly. 

Most popular: 32" x 30" - Galvanized Steel Front Load Washer Floor Tray With Drain  

This 30 in. x 32 in. tapered drain pan is your answer for the perfect front-load or pedestal washing machine pan. It was specifically designed to work with most front-load or pedestal washing machines, and comes with a pre-punched 1.32” drain hole for a standard PVC drain fitting.

Front load washer pans

Drip Pans

These pans are designed to protect fluid drips from appliances, autos, machinery, utilities, storage products, and other business spill containment applications with precision. The materials used to make our drip pans are corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for industrial material handling and oil control operations. With our NoLeak+ guarantee, you can trust that our drip pans are not only durable but also backed by a commitment to prevent leaks. Elevate your maintenance with confidence knowing that Killarney Metals has you covered.

Most popular: 32" x 30" x 2.5" - Galvanized Steel Washer Drip Pan

Our Galvanized Washer Drip Pan is 32 in. x 30 in. and is ideal for containing top-load washing machine leaks and spills. It is made of resilient 20 gauge galvanized steel for strength and corrosion resistance, and the top edges are hemmed 1/2 inch for added strength. The corners are welded water tight, guaranteed not to leak, and ground smooth for an overall clean finish you can rely on.

washer drip pan

Drain Pans

Discover the versatility of our drain pans, available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you have a compact space or a more extensive laundry area, our variety of sizes ensures a perfect fit for any appliance. Designed to collect and redirect excess liquids or condensation, our Drain Pans are the perfect solution for leaks/ spill containment, and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. These pans play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of appliances by safeguarding against any water-related damage. 

Most popular: 32" x 30" x 2.5" - Galvanized Steel Washer Drain Pan

This pan is a vital accessory when protecting beautiful floors from costly water damage. Made from heavy duty 20 gauge galvanized steel, it is meant to simply sit beneath your washing machine to redirect water towards a drain or collection point. Made to protect your peace, it is also guaranteed to withstand even the toughest leaks or spills associated with washing machines.

Drain pan

Leak Pans

The purpose of these pans, like all of our other pans, is to prevent water from seeping into your flooring and preventing costly and time consuming damage such as mold, mildew, and decay. The walls of this pan are hemmed to reduce edge sharpness, as well as improve the pan’s structural integrity and strength. These pans make cleaning a breeze by working to keep water from spreading at the back where it is difficult to reach. Make water damage one less thing to worry about if your appliances begin to leak with our leak pans!

Most popular: 20.5" D x 24" W x 1" H - Flat Black Dishwasher Leak Pan

Made of heavy duty metal and built to last, Killarney Metals can assure you this pan will keep water from seeping into your flooring or sitting stagnant under your unit. The flat-black finish is rust and corrosion resistant, and is 24" inches in length, 20.5” in depth and has a 1” wall height. This pan makes cleanup a breeze! It prevents water from spreading and pooling in difficult-to-reach locations. If your dishwasher begins to leak, water damage will be one less thing to worry about.

Flat black Dishwasher leak pan

From meticulously crafted drip pans with the NoLeak+ guarantee to versatile drain pans available in different sizes and finishes, Killarney Metals has worked hard to demonstrate a stand out commitment to innovation, functionality, and design. As homeowners and builders alike seek solutions that seamlessly blend reliability with aesthetics, Killarney Metals emerges as a standout choice. Our presence at IBS 2024 will undoubtedly mark a pivotal moment in the industry, ushering in a new era of top-tier products that prioritize both performance and design. Stay tuned for the exciting transformations these products are bound to bring to homes and construction projects alike.