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Motor Vehicles

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Working in an automotive garage, you have all kinds of spills, leaks and nasty messes that take a lot of time and effort to clean up. When you are the mechanic who cleans his/her own shop or the maintenance crew, you may find that you spend more time cleaning up these spills and leaks than anything else you do. There are solutions that can help abbreviate your cleaning time and increase shop productivity.


If your auto shop has a grease pit for changing oil, you know already what a problem it is to find something that will catch all the used black oil from gushing out onto the steps into the pit and onto the floor below. This is an especially dangerous issue, since A) you are underneath a car, B) slipping on the oil could cause you to fall, and C) major injuries, such as head traumas, in the oil pit would be very costly.

However, if you have several drip pans that can hold the four-plus quarts of used automotive oil, then you have something that will not only catch the oil but also prevent serious injuries. By placing a drip pan directly under the oil plugs, you can catch most, if not all, of the used oil that comes out. Best of all, because the pans are metal, you can clean them out quickly and easily after disposing of the used oil.


These drip pans and metal oil catch pans can also be used when a mechanic flushes an engine, empties and refills other fluids and needs to catch major gas leaks on vehicles that exhibit a fuel line problem. Catching volatile and highly flammable substances coming out of a car or truck prevents these fluids from catching fire, creating highly toxic fumes when mixed with other car fluids and/or exploding. What is more, accidentally dropping a pan or rolling over it with a vehicle will not damage it because they are made to be that strong and durable.


• Heavy duty construction—nothing breaks these drip pans.

• No leak guarantee. We back every pan we make.

• Customization. Specific size, shape, or color in mind? You want it—we can make it.

• Communicate directly with Customer Service whenever you need to—we don't route your call through an automated system that gets you nowhere.


To make your life a little easier, use our user-friendly Instant Quote interface that enables you to design a custom drip pan, get instant pricing, and place orders all without speaking to a sales representative. Time is money, and we like to save you both!


If you have a custom spill containment requirement, please don't hesitate to call us at 877.801.7417 or contact us online. We specialize in different areas of spill containment and have the solutions to help!

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