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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a Drip and Drain Pan?

The differences between the two types of pans being the presence of a drain hole or not. A drip pan will not have a drain hole which means the pan will capture your spills and drips but is not required to evacuate the contents through a drain. A drain pan on the other hand will have a hole(s) in the wall or bottom of the pan that will allow for controlled emptying of its contents.

What is the difference between a pan and a tray in spill containment?

Here at Killarney Metals the words tray and pan are often used interchangeably. However, when discussing a tray for spill containment we understand that we are generally speaking of a container with shorter walls. A pan is considered to have taller walls. The wall height that differentiates between a tray and a pan is 1 inch with any container having a wall height up to 1 inch being a tray and any container with a wall over 1 inch being a pan. This being said, there may certainly be times when pan and tray terms extend outside of the guideline.

Why does my order have to be shipped via pallet (freight carrier or LTL)?

Parcel carriers such as FedEx (our carrier of choice), UPS and USPS limit the size of boxes shipped via package shipment to under 36" in any one dimension. For this reason any pan that has a length dimension greater than 36 inches is required to ship on a pallet. This is the only way we can get the pan to you. Please visit our Policies page for additional details on shipping.

Can I pick up my pan at your Belmont, NC warehouse?

We can provide customer pick-up services for those customers located in our regional area. We ask that you please give us sufficient time to prepare your pick-up orders. For same day pick-up, orders must be placed by noon (12pm). Pick-ups are typically scheduled from 3-5pm. Please let us know in advance either in the comments section at checkout, by phone (704) 755-8002 or by email We will call you to notify you as soon as your order is ready for pick-up. NOTE: Any orders that are placed after 12pm can be picked up the following day.

Can you paint my pans?

Killarney Metals does provide electrostatic powder coating services for standard colors. The pricing on this service is dependent on the order size and the pans to be painted. Talk with one of our helpful staff to get pricing on painting your pan(s).

What is the difference between Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel pans?

The greatest difference between Stainless and Galvanized pans is the durability. Although both are resistant to rust, the nature of Stainless Steel allows for a longer duration or resistance and can withstand harsher environments. There is also a difference between the aesthetic finish of the pans. A stainless pan will have a brushed finish which is similar to the finish on a stainless steel kitchen appliance surface. The corners on our stainless pans are welded and will have a grain that varies from the body of the pan but they will be ground smooth and finished. On a galvanized steel pan the finish is more of an industrial look. The galvanizing coating will have a "blotchy" appearance and the welded corners will be painted with a galvanizing coating after welding.

Can you customize a drip or drain pan?

Killarney Metals is a custom metal manufacturer and all of our product designs can be modified or customized* to meet your needs. If you have a custom pan design that you need manufactured or need a particular custom feature on your pan, we will be happy to take a look at that as well and give you a price on manufacturing. If our 200+ stock and made to order models don't meet your needs, you can Design a Custom Pan to your exact specifications.
*We do not modify existing stock pans. For any custom pan requirements, we will manufacture a new pan. Please contact us for more information.

What size pan do I need?

If a piece of equipment or an appliance is being placed in the pan, we recommend your pan size to be 1"-2" larger than the size of the equipment being placed into it. If you are requiring the pan to hold a certain volume of liquid we suggest using our volume calculation resource to determine the overall dimensions of the pan necessary. Always take into consideration the area where the pan will be utilized to ensure it will fit.

Are the edges of the pan sharp?

At Killarney Metals we make sure that your pan is sturdy and safe. All our pans that are 1 inch and taller will receive a .5 inch hem on all four walls of the pan. This hem creates a rounded top edge that is not sharp and is very sturdy. Please note that pans 0.5 inches tall and below cannot receive hemmed edges. The edges may be sharp in these cases.

Do your pans include a warranty?

Yes! Please review our No Leak Guarantee.

What do you recommend for a washer that has a pedestal?

Our Front-Load Washer Floor trays are specifically designed to work with most front-load or pedestal washing machines. Starting at 2.5" in the back, our washer tray tapers down to a 1" wall height on the front side. Perfect for catching minor water leaks, while allowing clearance for pedestal drawers or washer service access doors. Note that all pedestal drawers vary in style by brand and may require adjusting the feet. If the standard pan size does not fit your needs, we can custom make a pan with the same design in mind.

What is the lead time for made to order and custom pans?

On average, lead time is between 3-6 weeks, but can vary depending on the current production schedule and job complexity. Please contact our customer service department to get more information on the current lead time at the time of your order.

Can I plug my drain hole?

You can plug an existing drain hole if you'd like. We have a selection of plug and drain fitting options available in our accessories category. The standard stock drain pans that we carry come with a 1” fitting that is compatible with a 1” PVC pipe.

Where can I read reviews or leave a review for Killarney Metals?

We love to hear customer feedback! Visit our reviews page to see all of our recent reviews. During checkout, you’ll receive a message asking for feedback. After your order is delivered, we’ll follow up to ensure you received your order, and at that point you’ll have a chance to review your products. If you missed this survey, you can leave a merchant review for Killarney Metals by clicking here, or visit the product page of the items you received and click the reviews tab to leave feedback on a specific product.

If you have a question we haven't answered here, contact us through live chat, over the phone, or via email.