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Charity Connection

Giving Our Mite

Who is

Mite was created to serve donors by filling a void in the charitable giving experience. It is all too common when giving to non-profit organizations that we never know what happens with our contribution. How can donors get excited about the impact made through their generosity when they don’t even know how their donation was used? From start to finish, Mite’s transparent operations are designed to reveal to donors the impact made through their giving. 

The mission of Mite is to: Unite people in trustworthy, global charity through a first-class donor experience.

The vision of Mite is Every person in every nation will know the joy of giving.

The foundation of Mite is an inspiration received on the mission field. The inspiration: 

  1. Every donation, no matter the size, has the potential to change lives.
  2. Every donor deserves to know what happened through their generosity,
  3. Every contribution is to be honored with a world-class donor experience. 

Our headquarters are in Belmont, North Carolina, and Mite staff live worldwide. We are on a mission to make giving better.

Why we choose to give our Mite!

Here at Killarney Metals, we understand how blessed we are to live in the United States. Our desire is to continue to grow manufacturing right here at home so that our neighbors and the communities in which they live will thrive. We also understand the great need that exists, not only within the USA, but also throughout the world. We, as a company, give to Mite as a call to answer that need where we can. We feel that Mite is the most effective solution to meeting true needs all around the world. We like the Celebration Videos too!

How it works.

Since its inception five years ago, Killarney Metals has engaged in Mite’s global humanitarian outreach. That means that every purchase made of our products has in some way supported those efforts as well. Now, as we continue to give our Mite and allow our customers to choose whether they desire to give directly to Mite or through rounding up their purchases, we are prepared to make the greatest impact to date! As we join together to help those in need and positively impact the communities of our world, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

What is Mite doing today?

In its first 5 years Mite accomplished over 50 successful humanitarian projects in 18 different countries with over 100,000 people being directly impacted by the work accomplished. As we move into 2023, Mite will launch outreach in the following regions:

Tanzania - Outreach to people affected by albinism and various ailments associated with the condition.
Sub Saharan Africa - Providing recycled prosthetics to the impoverished and economically destitute so that those who would otherwise be unable to afford the prosthetics are able to walk again.
Nepal - providing a safe house and resources for children who are vulnerable to trafficking.
United States - building food pantries at title 1 high schools for underprivileged children.
Indonesia - repairing and reconstructing homes for families who lost them in a cyclone.

A note from Mite's Executive Director, Madison Toal:

To learn more, see Mite's active projects, or donate visit