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Aircraft are marvels of modern technology. Although there are various models and sizes, all aircraft have one thing in common; each requires routine maintenance. As an aircraft hangar maintenance manager, you are familiar with the frequently hot and odorous environment of airplane maintenance hangars. In addition to the smell of jet plane fuel, burning oil, and grease, there are dangers that come with the job of performing routine aircraft maintenance—all of which could cost you life and limb.


Engine oil leaks and jet fuel spills—both highly flammable and potentially explosive—could create hazardous situations which can and should be prevented.

Killarney Metals drip pans—made for collecting engine oil, coolant, and other leaking fluids—are exactly what your maintenance hangar needs. Our heavy duty, industrial-grade drip pans offer excellent protection to employees, the planes they are repairing, and the surface they are repairing them on.


Any tin or metal container can be a drip pan, however it’s the fabrication and durability that truly make our pans invaluable. Our rolling airplane maintenance pans fit directly under the fuselage and can be moved quickly and easily to catch potential leaks.

Jet fuel can easily corrode through plastic or rubber containers, but with our industrial-grade pans, this concern is a thing of the past. Even if you are only collecting engine coolant or draining water from a water-logged engine, our drip pans are strong and durable enough for any job.


• Heavy duty construction—nothing breaks these drip pans.

• No leak guarantee. We back every pan we make.

• Customization. Specific size, shape, or color in mind? You want it—we can make it.

• Communicate directly with Customer Service whenever you need to—we don't route your call through an automated system that gets you nowhere.


To make your life a little easier, use our user-friendly Instant Quote interface that enables you to design a custom drip pan, get instant pricing, and place orders all without speaking to a sales representative. Time is money, and we like to save you both!


If you have a custom spill containment requirement, please don't hesitate to call us at 877.801.7417 or contact us online. We specialize in different areas of spill containment and have the solutions to help!

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