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About Killarney

Our Core Values

Our core values have been at the center of our company from the beginning. Our culture continues to build upon that framework and is upheld in every day-to-day operation.

    • Essential Integrity - Doing things the honest way in every decision that is made.
    • Focused Drive - Prioritizing what matters and making progress happen.
    • Liberating Knowledge - Providing solutions to problems in an ever-changing industry.
    • Innovative Thinking - Generating a constant stream of ever-evolving new ideas.
    • Made in the USA - Taking pride in knowing we uphold the highest standards. American Made.

The History of Short Run Pro

Originating from Short Run ProKillarney Metals was born to provide innovative, American-made spill containment solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We continue that tradition today, while keeping to our core values and paying tribute to our history. Since its founding in 2011 by the Toal family, Killarney Metals has pioneered innovation in both the residential and commercial spill containment markets. 

Short Run Pro Grand Opening2006 - The Beginning

Short Run Pro was born from a simple concept: “liberation of consumers for the monotony of mass produced products.”

In early 2007, the company was registered and launched. Short Run Pro offered custom manufacturing to consumers through Pro-Quote, where shoppers could design a bracket specific for their use. This gave rise to many product categories being developed for consumers throughout the USA.

2007 - Innovation Leads to Growth

Short Run Pro, listening to the customer and leaning on innovative design, creates the first online countertop bracket category. The installment of this category leads to the continual development of the product line that we know today as the brand, Federal Brace, a sister company to Killarney Metals.

2010/11 - The Brands Arrive

As the product base for Short Run Pro grew, it was evident that certain markets had the stability to support a “brand” selling targeted products. This led to the creation of the brands as they are known today: Federal BraceKillarney Metals, and Oeveo (Originally named: Computer Bracket Solutions).

The Killarney Metals name and logo pays tribute to the Toal’s Irish heritage and the 3 stars represent the three brands.

Killarney Metals | Short Run ProFederal Brace | Short Run ProOeveo | Short Run Pro

2015 - The National Mill in Belmont, NC 

As Short Run Pro brands grew, it was an easy choice to identify a local historic Mill for a new home office. The purchase, restoration and move to the Historic National Mill was made in order to have a hand in the preservation of the historic mills of Gaston County and to provide room for growth.

2016 -  Giving our MITE

As an American company, we understand how blessed we are to live in the United States. Our desire is to continue to grow manufacturing right here at home so that our neighbors and the communities in which they live will thrive. We also understand the great need that exists, not only within the USA, but also throughout the world. From this, Mite was created to serve donors by filling a void in the charitable giving experience. It is all too common when giving to non-profit organizations that we never know what happens with our contribution. From start to finish, Mite’s transparent operations are designed to reveal to donors the impact made through their giving. 

To learn more about Mite and how you can help make giving better, visit or read more HERE.

2018 -  Short Run Pro wins Inc. 5000

A huge accomplishment, Short Run Pro wins Inc. 5000, Top 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the USA. This was a testament to the hard work of our fantastic employees! Many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000.

2020 - Not Slowing Down

2020 was a tough year for people, countries, and businesses around the world, Short Run Pro included. But one thing we made sure to not slow down on: Innovation! This year saw the release of the first of many patented products, starting with the Trench Drain Pan.

Trench Drain Pan for Washing Machines - Killarney Metals

2021 - Best & Brightest

Short Run Pro stays true to its core values through and through; from top-tier customer satisfaction to employee engagement. We were proud to be voted Charlotte’s Best and Brightest Places to Work in 2020. This award recognizes companies that deliver exceptional human resource practices and an impressive commitment to their employees.

2022 - The Vision Grows

As the company continues to grow, and place customers first, innovation continues. 

New product offerings: Patented Apple Mac Studio MountsOpen Front PansTeak Wall CladdingADA Compliant Brackets, and more.

In continuing to lead in industry knowledge, Nelson Wills is hired as General Manager, bringing his expertise of the sector.

Charitable giving continues to be a focus, with Mite beginning their 50th Humanitarian Project.

Killarney Metals is excited to continue to thrive and provide quality, American Made solutions across all aspects for both home and commercial applications with 650,000+ products manufactured to date and growing. To contact us, please use the form HERE

Short Run Pro Team Photo - 2023