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Pallet Containment

Storing products, food, and equipment in pallet rack systems presents a spill risk in your industrial facilities. Liquid containers can be knocked over, produce can cause moisture to build up and spill over onto other produce in the rack, machines can leak oil and other liquids, and chemicals can spill from their holders. In these situations, it is important to have a secondary pallet rack spill containment solution that prevents leaking compounds in storage shelves from becoming slips and spills on the production floor. Pallet Rack Pans and Industrial Material Handling Pans save you money and time.

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Pallet Rack Spill Containment Systems

Pallet Racks are a great way to store Drums, Barrels, Produce, and other equipment that hold liquid contents. A racking system gives storage areas the ability to store vertically as well as horizontally. However, small leaks, condensation build-up, and spills from palletized contents often occur under and around the storage areas and industrial facilities are increasingly required by state, federal and local regulations to have spill prevention and containment measures in place to remain in compliance. These regulations require facilities to build structures and institute plans of action to prevent spills from occurring.

In the event of a spill, a secondary containment system would prevent potential spills from advancing into employee work areas and creating a hazardous work environment. Killarney Metals manufactures heavy-duty pallet spill containment systems, a wide variety of drip & drain pans, and can create custom secondary containment systems to your exact specifications. 

Looking to create a CUSTOM PAN for your facility? Use our Design-A-Pan System.

Without adequate secondary containment, environmental contamination may result from improper handling, accidental leaks, spills, and overfills. Some of the common locations where contamination can occur include:

  • Produce material handling systems
  • Food storage racks
  • Drainage racks
  • Floor storm drains
  • On-site septic systems
  • Cracked floors and improperly sealed containment areas
  • Loading and off-loading areas including the dock area and locations having spigots, hose connections, etc.
  • Areas where exhaust fans are located (due to condensation and dripping)

Some materials stored in pallet racks that may be potential contaminants include:

  • Produce
  • Food And Beverage
  • Flammable materials
  • Oil or oil based materials
  • Salt (Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride)
  • Hazardous waste

There are many reasons for and benefits from using secondary containment systems with your pallet rack system. You offer your employees a safer work area and reduce your liability risk. In addition, a pallet spill containment system saves you money on clean up and keeps you in compliance with regulatory agencies. Even if your company is not required to have a secondary containment system it is a safety precaution that cannot be ignored.

Additional product variations for industrial contamination prevention include: Sloped pans, pitched pans, gradient pans, gravity spill pans, custom pallet fit (C-channel, I-beam, J-beam, etc.), USDA approved food safe pans, vertical storage pans.