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Oven & Grill Pans

Oven and grill drip pans help keep grease and food debris away from the cooking surfaces, which in turn makes cleaning much easier. Killarney Metals offers a wide array of drip & drain pan solutions for ovens, grills, and other similar applications.

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SKU:119652 Dimensions: 20x3x55
Made to order: 6 - 8 Weeks
Oven Tray - Aluminum 55" x 20" x 3"

SKU:119758 Dimensions: 6.5x4x24
Made to order: 6 - 8 Weeks
Grill Drip Pan - 24 x 6.5 x 4 - Stainless

SKU:KM-03273 Dimensions: 12x3x15
Made to order: 6 - 8 Weeks

Damage from leaking water, oil, and other liquids in use or storage around the house needs to be prevented. Invest in a durable metal appliance drip tray, and put a barrier between your investment and potential leaks or spills.

All Killarney Metals drip pans are made in America. We offer aluminum, stainless, galvanized, and raw steel to give our customers plenty of custom options.