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Conversion - Drip to Drain Pan

Converting A Drip Pan Into A Drain Pan

Here at Killarney Metals, we are constantly striving to help make your spill containment solutions and facility maintenance needs easier. In this resource we introduce a way to turn your Assembly Drip Pans into an Assembly Drain Pan system.

Material size limitations are a key reason we developed the Assembly Drip Pan System. Often, these pans will fill up and need to be emptied individually before overflowing. By connecting each Assembly Pan with a Mini Through Wall Drain Fitting you can create an Assembly Drain Pan System. This unique system will allow you to design a containment system for your specific project and have it drain to a designated outlet.

Drain Fittings

To create your Assembly Drain Pan System simply start by choosing the side of the drip pans on which you desire to insert the drain connection. You will then need to drill a hole to the size of the miniature drain fitting selected for the drain. Once this is done, you will insert the miniature drain fitting and secure it in place. Repeat that process with the adjacent pans where you would like the drain through to be. Continue this with all pans until you have completed this procedure and reach the final pan where you will have the Assembly Drain Pan System outlet.

To convert a standard drip pan to a drain requires a very similar process, but typically only drilling one hole.

Please give us a call with any questions. Our helpful staff stands ready to help how we can. Thank you for your interest in Killarney Metals and our Assembly Drip and Drain Pan systems.