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Beer Drip Trays, Bar Drip Trays

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Beer & Bar Drip Trays 

We Have Spill Trays for Every Food & Beverage Industry Need

Hundreds, even possibly thousands of patrons come through your doors every week if not every day, and your customers need reassurance that everything is kept clean, tidy, and well-sanitized. Most sanitation issues are completely preventable starting with proper equipment. Our spill containment solutions can be used in all areas of food and beverage and can be customized to your specific needs.


The area with the most concern of potential leaks and slip hazards would be in and around the bar. Whether you need to add a drip pan under your kegerator to contain leaks or condensation, or a stylish and functional drip tray with a grill insert to go under your taps, we have a bar drip tray solution for you. One of our most popular options for beer drip trays are our wall-mount drip pans and troughs

Adding a stylish stainless steel trough style insert into your bar can function as a way to keep your beer bottle cold, and add a bit of visual appeal behind the bartender. In addition, adding a drain line to this trough insert will make it easy to drain the melted ice. These trough style inserts are just one of many solutions we offer for bars and breweries, and can be made completely custom to your specifications.

If you have an ice maker or cooler behind the bar, placing a custom drip or drain tray beneath them can save you thousands in water damage repairs should they ever spring a leak!


In your restaurant kitchen, you have stoves, fryers, and several other cooking equipment that use grease, fats and oils to cook food. Most of this equipment needs to be drained and cleaned regularly. Not having adequate containment pans for the grease and oil will produce a mess that will be difficult for your kitchen staff to clean, and will cause a nightmare when the health inspector comes around.

Stainless steel is the best material option to use in an kitchen environment as it resists corrosion, and when paired with our food grade manufacturing processes, can be cleaned and sanitized properly. Your establishment thrives on organization and clean facilities, let us help you keep it that way for years to come.

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• Heavy duty construction—nothing breaks these drip pans.

• No leak guarantee. We back every pan we make.

• Customization. Specific size, shape, or color in mind? You want it—we can make it.

• Communicate directly with Customer Service whenever you need to—we don't route your call through an automated system that gets you nowhere.


To make your life a little easier, use our user-friendly Instant Quote interface that enables you to design a custom drip pan, get instant pricing, and place orders all without speaking to a sales representative. Time is money, and we like to save you both!


If you have a custom spill containment requirement, please don't hesitate to call us at 877.801.7417 or contact us online. We specialize in different areas of spill containment and have the solutions to help!

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