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Product Detail Requirements
  • Desired length, width, and height.
  • Whether it is a drip pan or a drain pan.
  • A little bit about your project.
  • Drawing File(Optional)

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    • When determining Order Quantity please also consider whether a prototype run is desired for approval purposes.
    • If part(s) will be reordered please provide estimated annual usage along with production run quantity.
    • Provide part usage description in "Product Description" field along with any other important information related to the part.
    • Drawing file formats accepted include: JPEG, PDF, IGS, DXF, DOC,TIF, PNG. PDF is preferred format for estimation.
    • In order to expedite your price quote please ensure that any drawing submitted includes all dimensional information on the part. Material thickness should also be noted in the "Material", "Product in Detail" fields or on the submitted drawings.


    • If you are unsure of your material selection, it will help if you provide a detailed description of the part use. Check out our resources on materials for details about the different characteristics of materials manufactured.
    • Include as much information as available. Our estimation team can process your quote expeditiously without unnecessary delay if all necessary information on the part is submitted.
    • Lead times may vary based on process requirements and cyclical production schedules. Our website, quoting forms and other business materials may specify a lead time. However, the most accurate available timing for production runs will be specified by our production staff when your job is entered onto the production floor.