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Surprisingly, government facilities can require proper spill containment solutions. With military maintenance buildings, postal mail truck garages, training facilities, and research labs, public safety should be at the forefront. To ensure this, you must start with proper containment—something we know a lot about.


Spills within government facilities can necessitate a great deal of precautionary measures to contain, stop, and clean up. Agencies and organizations need to protect their employees as much as they need to protect the public. No one understands this better than we do, which is why we designed all of our drip pans and containment solutions to be 100% leak-proof—guaranteed.

If you or your employer is concerned about erosion, acidic containment, or other particularly hazardous materials, our engineers can construct custom-made containers to exceed government standards for the safety and protection from harmful effects. Send us the specifications of your containment pan need and how you plan to use it in the event of a spill emergency. We will manufacture a pan for you and ensure it is every bit as durable as the rest of our products.


• Heavy duty construction—nothing breaks these drip pans.

• No leak guarantee. We back every pan we make.

• Customization. Specific size, shape, or color in mind? You want it—we can make it.

• Communicate directly with Customer Service whenever you need to—we don't route your call through an automated system that gets you nowhere.


To make your life a little easier, use our user-friendly Instant Quote interface that enables you to design a custom drip pan, get instant pricing, and place orders all without speaking to a sales representative. Time is money, and we like to save you both!


If you have a custom spill containment requirement, please don't hesitate to call us at 877.801.7417 or contact us online. We specialize in different areas of spill containment and have the solutions to help!

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