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Open Front Pans

Killarney Metals Open Front, 3-Sided Leak Pans combine functionality and a sleek design. The purpose of this pan is to serve as a notification for when your dishwasher leaks. It helps to keep water from seeping into your flooring or sitting stagnant under your unit. It acts as a barrier to keep clear of mold, mildew, and rot that lead to expensive and time-consuming damages. We featured a story about one of our own employee’s disastrous kitchen water leak on our blog in order to help spread awareness of the cost and dangers of water damage in your home. Open Front Pans from Killarney Metals makes installation EASY. Simply place your pan in the desired position, and slide your machine into place... NO LIFTING REQUIRED! This design is great for maintenance and repair as it does not hinder or block your machine. Open Front Pans are the perfect choice for pedestal washing machines similar to the LG Sidekick, or washers with drawers underneath.

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SKU:KM-06614 Dimensions: 24x1x20.5
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Protect your floors from drips, leaks and WORSE with a Dishwasher Leak Pan from Killarney Metals. Get notified of leaks before they become an expensive issue.
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