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The Real Cost of Water Damage (feat. Nelson Wills)

The Real Cost of Water Damage (feat. Nelson Wills)
Posted on10/20/2022 by 1760

Appliance failure and water damage can happen to anyone, especially when they least expect it.

Killarney Metals gathered some eye opening statistics on home water damage:

  • Every year, one in 50 homeowners file a claim for water damage, accounting for 29% of all homeowners insurance claims. 

  • Water damage was the second most common reason for home insurance claims 

  • Nationwide, household water damage costs up to $20 billion annually.

  • Metal Drain Pan from Killarney Metals costs an average of $150.

  • Having a pan under your washing machine is an inexpensive way to ensure that you prevent costly water damage from a leaking washing machine.

Our General Manager (and Mayor of Cramerton, NC!), Nelson Wills, recently had a personal experience of the effects of water damage in his home when his refrigerator water line failed and led to leaking that damaged his whole kitchen and cost thousands of dollars and lots of headaches in repair and floor replacement. Nelson told us “The cheapest part in the appliance ended up costing us thousands of dollars. We had to move out while the new wood floor was installed...there were a lot of incurred costs in addition to the repair + major hassle.” Killarney Metals sat down with Nelson to ask him a few questions about his experience:

Killarney Metals:

What happened in your home? 


The cheapest part in our appliance ended up costing us thousands of dollars. We had recently gotten a new refrigerator. The water line hose to our refrigerator uncoupled and had slowly been leaking for weeks, without our knowledge. 

Killarney Metals: 

What were the first signs you noticed of water damage?


I noticed the cabinets surrounding the refrigerator were starting to delaminate and peel. I pulled the refrigerator out and the whole floor was damp. The fridge had been leaking for weeks and we had absolutely no idea.

Killarney Metals:

What was the process and how time consuming was repairing the damage?


“It was an expensive pain in the ASS!”

We had to take the refrigerator out of the corner cove it was in, which was a big task. Then we had to take everything out of the kitchen and place huge fans with plastic tarps to dry the floor and cabinets. This left the kitchen unusable for several days and we had to move out. We had to tear up the kitchen floor, which was obviously time consuming and expensive as well. Once we got the floor replaced, we realized the new wood floor in the kitchen doesn't match the wood flooring where it butts up against the dining room and living room, so that's on the list of additional things we will have to fix, all due to a leak. 

Killarney Metals: 

Did your insurance cover the damages?


I will get back to you on that, but I do not think so, I think it was out of pocket and we didn’t even think about insurance.

Killarney Metals: 

What would you do in the future to prevent another water damage accident like this from happening? 


Now that I am aware there are pans that will catch leaks and technology sensors that will alert me of any leaks. A 3 sided pan from Killarney would have worked perfectly, because it was a slow leak, it would have notified us. I now have thought about all the appliances in my home that connect to water and have found that Killarney Metals has solutions to protect my home for all of them. Here are pictures from our kitchen disaster (water line 1/4" hose to refrigerator uncoupled).

“The images that I have attached (bottom of blog) show me trying to dry the floor out after removing the refrigerator from the cove with a floor fan and tarp to keep the airflow in the wet space...which is how the ruts were created in the damp wood floor leading to why it was replaced.  There were grooves all over the floor.  Also, the cabinets next to the accident started to delaminate.  Now that I am recalling everything that a stupid hose caused, I am getting frustrated again!  Errgh.”

Some comments and reviews from happy Killarney Metals customers:

 “My washing machine leaked and left my home damaged. With my USA made, quality engineered Killarney Metals pan, I won’t ever have to worry again, because this pan will last a lifetime”- Chris B

My washing pan is a great product and made with high quality workmanship. - David Z

My plastic tray cracked, causing all the water to leak out when the washing machine actually did have a problem, leaving damage to my house when I was depending upon it the most. Now with this metal tray from Killarney, Made in the USA with quality engineering, I won’t ever have to worry again, because this one will last a lifetime! -Killarney Metals Happy Customer