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Dishwasher Leak Pan - 20.5" D x 24" W x 1" H - Flat Black



Our Dish Washer Leak Pan is the perfect mix of sleek and functional. It is made of metal and therefore will hold up over longer periods of time compared to its competitive plastic-based counterparts. The purpose of this pan is to serve as a notification for when your dishwasher leaks. It helps to keep water from seeping into your flooring or sitting stagnant under your unit. It act as a barrier to keep clear of mold, mildew, and rot that lead to expensive and time-consuming damages. The Dish Washer Leak Pan comes in two different finishes, galvanized and black powder-coated. Both are rust and corrosion-resistant. It is 24" inches in length and 20.5” in depth with a 1” wall height. The walls of this pan are hemmed to minimize edge sharpness. Hemming also enhances the structural integrity of the pan and increases its strength. This pan makes cleaning a breeze! It keeps water from spreading in the back, hard-to-reach areas. Make water damage one less thing to worry about if your washer machine starts leaking.

Product Overview:

Length: 24"

Width: 20.5"

Height: 1"

Thickness: 20 Gauge

Material: Galvanized Steel

Finish: Flat Black

Hemmed Edges: Yes


Additional product info

11.00 lbs
20.50 in
1.00 in
24.00 in
Compatible model

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SKU:KM-06614 Dimensions: 24x1x20.5
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Protect your floors from drips, leaks and WORSE with a Dishwasher Leak Pan from Killarney Metals. Get notified of leaks before they become an expensive issue.
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