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Round Drip Pan - 24" Diameter - Natural Rubber



Most drip pans on the market are either steel or plastic, and while these materials are fantastic for certain uses, they lack the benefits of a softer, more flexible material. That’s why we created the Round 24" Drip Pan in Natural Rubber! This innovative natural rubber drip pan is a game-changer. This malleable drip pan is obviously impervious to corrosion, retains its form through abuse, and can help protect beautiful floors from scratches and dents. 

Product Overview:

  • 24" Diameter
  • 2.5" Wall Height
  • Natural Rubber
  • No Leak Guaranteed

Additional product info

Natural rubber is an excellent insulator from electricity and preventing heat transfer, and with its soft but strong construction, it functions as an effective sound insulator, protecting against noise and vibration.T he natural rubber drip pan is built tough, retains its form through most any treatment, and is made to stand the test of time. No more having to choose between plastic and metal. Natural Rubber is the future, and it may be the ideal solution for your drip pan needs!

20.00 lbs
24.00 in
2.50 in
24.00 in
Compatible model

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