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Killarney Metals Q1-2024 Product Releases

Killarney Metals Q1-2024 Product Releases
Posted on04/24/2024 by 643

Killarney Metals Q1-2024 Product Releases

Welcome to the Killarney Metals 2024 Quarter One Roundup! As we look back on the past few months, we're thrilled to share the culmination of our dedication and passion in new spill containment solutions. If you missed any highlights from the previous quarter, don't worry - we've got you covered. From industrial drain pans to innovative leak pans, we're recapping all the essential products that have graced our website recently. Dive in and discover the tools you need to turn any spill situation into a seamless, secure solution!

As always, we recommend consulting a contractor or plumber for installation specifics. Now, without further ado…

First, the refrigerator category finally gets leak pans! 

Available in three different finishes:

Refrigerator Leak Pan - 28" D x 36" W x 1" H - Flat Black 

Refrigerator Leak Pan - 28" D x 36" W x 1" H - Galvanized Steel 

Refrigerator Leak Pan - 28" D x 36" W x 1" H - Stainless Steel

Just like all of our other pans, these refrigerator leak pans are designed to safeguard your floors from unexpected spills or leaks. These durable and easy-to-install pans offer a reliable solution to contain any spills, ensuring a clean and worry-free kitchen environment. Find the perfect fit for your refrigerator model and keep your kitchen protected. Safeguard your valuables with Killarney Metals, the unrivaled solution designed to prevent water damage. Ensure your possessions remain protected and your peace of mind intact with a refrigerator leak pan.

Next up, we have a  28” D x 30” W x 1” H - Galvanized Steel option for our Standard Refrigerator Leak Pan.

Love the fridge pans but need a different fit? We’ve got you covered. Whether you have a different size refrigerator or unique space requirements, this pan will accommodate your needs while offering the same reliable protection against water damage.

Lastly, we have our Stainless Round Drip Pan - 25.5".

This Round Drip Pan is a versatile and effective spill containment tool for both residential and commercial applications. This Pan is manufactured out of stainless steel material which provides corrosion resistance and long service life. Perfect for water heater spill containment, oil drum containment and containment of other industrial equipment, this pan has a 25.5 inch diameter. Killarney Metals' provides you with durable, long lasting protection against damage and accidents from leaking equipment with a NoLeak+ Guarantee.

That concludes our 2024 Q1 product roundup! We hope you have as much fun shopping for our new products as we did designing them.

See you next quarter!

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