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Dishwasher Failure: The Leak You Don't See Happening

Dishwasher Failure: The Leak You Don't See Happening
Posted on03/15/2024 by 1641

The Leak You Don’t See Happening 

Dishwashers: The unsung hero of the kitchen! They not only free up valuable time in our exhausting and busy schedules, but also eliminate the dreaded and often fought over daily chore of hand washing dishes. 

Raise your hand if you were the one always stuck doing the dishes at home growing up… 

Doing Dishes

With their efficient cleaning cycles and powerful jets, dishwashers ensure a level of hygiene that hand washing simply can’t match. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly, saving a significant amount of water with each use compared to hand washing (the perfect excuse to never hand wash a dish ever again). Basically, dishwashers aren’t just any old appliance, they’re essential companions that make our kitchen routines smoother, our meals more enjoyable, and our lives easier. 

However, amidst its daily routine and time-saving service, there’s a dangerous enemy sneaking around - Mr. DRIP!

mr drip

In this blog, we’ll delve into the often-overlooked necessity of a dishwasher leak pan. From the substantial price tag of water damage to uninvited guests like mold, a dishwasher leak pan just might be the reason your beautiful flooring and sanity stays in one piece.

Buckle up as we explore the reasons why having a reliable dishwasher pan is not only a smart choice but an essential one, offering protection against potential leaks and the debilitating aftermath.

Causes of dishwasher leaks / failure

Hollistic homes dishwasher leak

Who knew dishwashers have a secret talent of making mini indoor pools in your home? Turns out, dishwasher leaks are the elusive troublemakers that can create chaos in your kitchen (and you most likely wouldn't even notice until it was too late). Some common culprits are…

A faulty gasket: A defective gasket is one of the most common causes of a dishwasher leaking from the bottom. It is situated along the door's perimeter and should form a watertight seal when closed. If the gasket becomes damaged, dusty, or loose, it will not seal properly, which could cause water to leak out of your dishwasher door during rinse cycles. 

Broken water pump system: The water pump system has two jobs: carrying water to the wash cycle and releasing water out of the drain. If it does not do its job, the dishwasher will simply not drain water. This type of leak can be very subtle, and the water can accumulate beneath the dishwasher or within cabinets next to it, causing damage over time. 

Clogged filter: Scale, grease, food, and soap residues are amongst the most common causes of clogged dishwasher filters. They can remain behind every time you run the dishwasher, causing a blockage, which will not allow the dishwasher to drain water properly. Specifically, tough food particles, such as popcorn kernels or chunks of paper from container labels, might become trapped in the filter, preventing water from flowing out of your dishwasher.

Faulty water inlet valve: What is a Dishwasher Water Inlet Valve? This is the part that controls the hot water coming into a dishwasher. Unfortunately, it is a part that can regularly cause issues because its inlet port gets clogged with debris, which restricts the flow of water to your dishwasher. The inlet valve (particularly the cold inlet valve) can also become faulty from cold water freezing inside of it during the winter. Cold water inside the inlet valve can freeze, therefore expanding and cracking the valve to cause leakage.

Loose door seal wear and tear: The rubber or silicone seal can weaken over time as a result of repeated use and exposure to hot water and detergents, leading it to break loose or develop gaps.

Accidental Damage: Poking or unintentionally catching the seal with utensils or plates could also cause it to detach or break.

The Horrors Of Water Damage 

Water damage is like navigating a water park… except without the fun parts, and it’s sure to turn any regular day into a nightmare. 

The first issue you may face is the rapid growth of mold and mildew, which can take as little as 24 hours to appear. The health risks associated with mold can range from mild allergy symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, itching, coughing, difficulty breathing, headache, or fatigue to severe respiratory issues. Beyond health risks, mold can deplete the structural components of your home. Wood, drywall, and insulations are prime targets for mold. In the context of a dishwasher leak, cabinets surrounding the appliance are particularly susceptible. The unassuming leak, if left unmonitored, can lead to the deterioration of cabinet surfaces, ruining the overall appearance and well-being of your living spaces.  

Another issue that can arise is electrical malfunctions. It is no secret that water and electricity do not mix well, so when water from a dishwasher leak seeps into the electrical parts of the dishwasher, it can pose a risky and potentially dangerous situation. These consequences can range from minor glitches to severe electrical hazards, amplifying the urgency to take preventative measures before a problem can arise. In a typical dishwasher, electrical components like wiring, circuits, and control panels are integrated within one another. A leak, even a very small one, can present a direct threat to these components. The moisture can compromise the insulation of electrical wires, leading to short circuits and the potential for sparks. This not only endangers the functionality of the dishwasher but also constitutes a fire risk, amplifying the severity of the situation. 

Although the previously mentioned risks of dishwasher leaks are distressing, the fun does not stop there. Dishwasher leaks are not just a threat to your kitchen, they can extend their reach to personal belongings such as floors, furniture, and electronics. Furniture, which is frequently located near the dishwasher, is especially vulnerable to harm in the event of a leak. Wooden furniture, in particular, can absorb water, resulting in swelling, warping, and discoloration. A leak also can permanently damage electronics or smart appliances, home entertainment systems, outlets, and other items. The aftermath of a dishwasher leak can also extend its graces to personal belongings that may be within reach as well. Books, photographs, and documents are vulnerable to water damage, with potentially irreversible consequences. 

For more information about leaky appliances, read our “Solving Leaky Sinks Before They Cost You A Small Fortune”  blog!

Financial Repercussions 

To put all of this in perspective, we have gathered some eye opening statistics on home water damage:

  • Around 14,000 people in the U.S. are affected by water damage daily.

  • The current average cost for water damage is $11,605.

  • About 1 in 60 insured homes makes a claim for water damage each year.

There is a significant financial cost associated with an appliance leak that extends beyond the immediate repairs. The expenses incurred for repairing or swapping out the broken item are just the start. The possible damage to your home's structure may result in large costs, and the financial consequences could be severe and outstretch well beyond the original repair costs. Extended exposure to water can often lead to warped floors, weakened cabinetry, and ruined cabinetry.

As previously indicated, the financial impact also extends to personal things like electronics and furnishings, the costs of which can quickly mount up in repair or replacement. To add to the financial burden, the growth of mold may also necessitate the use of professional remediation services.

Overall, Water damage is one of the largest sources of repair costs, and the financial repercussions of a leaking dishwasher are complex. Some of these include the initial repair or replacement of a dishwasher, structural repairs, and cost of replacing or restoring personal items. 

For more financial statistics and a first hand experience of the nightmare that is an appliance leak, check out this blog -  "The Real Cost Of Water Damage"

So… Why Are We Telling You This? 

Life’s too short to stress about dishwasher leaks! Presenting the Killarney Metals Dishwasher Leak Pan, a reliable safety net against future water damage calamities. Carefully designed to last, this pan provides a strong defense for your house by acting as an impenetrable barrier against water-related accidents. At Killarney Metals, we're not only here to help with everyday home emergencies—we're committed to stopping them entirely. Specializing in enduring, dependable solutions, we pledge to make your life easier. Early and timely diagnosis and prevention are critical for avoiding expensive costs as well as the need to repair structural components as a result of a dishwasher leak. You can be confident that we offer options that match your preferences and demands. Our rapid installation technique creates a solid barrier that prevents water from leaking through to your flooring. The smartly constructed Dishwasher Leak Pan guides any pouring liquids out the front for easy detection and repair.

Investing in a Killarney Metals Dishwasher Leak Pan will provide you peace of mind and protect your house from the dreadful possibilities of water damage. It will also guarantee that your kitchen stays a safe space, free from the constant dangers that leaks can bring. It is more than simply a pan or accessory; it's an essential element in fortifying your living spaces against unforeseen water-related mishaps, and a protector that turns tragedies into peace. 

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