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Dishwasher Pans

A leaking dishwasher can lead to expensive water damage repairs. Prevent damage by simply installing one of our heavy- duty dishwasher pans. The pans can easily be installed and will act as a barrier to keep water from seeping into your flooring by pushing the water out where it is easily accessible to clean. Take preventitive measure from rot and mold and keep your floors looking new.

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SKU:KM-06614 Dimensions: 24x1x20.5
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Protect your floors from drips, leaks and WORSE with a Dishwasher Leak Pan from Killarney Metals. Get notified of leaks before they become an expensive issue.
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SKU:KM-08662 Dimensions: 24x1x22
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Protect your kitchen from the devastating potential of water damage due to dishwasher failure and leaks with the Open Front Dishwasher Trench Drain Pan.
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