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Stainless Steel Pans

Our stainless steel drip & drain pans are durable and strong. These pans are suited for industrial and large commercial applications, and they come in a quality brushed finish that looks great in residential homes as well  These pans are perfect for situations where corrosion resistance in a containment pan is needed.

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SKU:114075 Dimensions: 12x2x12
Made to order: 6 - 8 Weeks
12x12 Stainless Drain Pan

SKU:136223 Dimensions: 12x3x19
Made to order: 6 - 8 Weeks
Sauna Heater Runoff Drip Pan - 19 x 12 x 3 - Stainless

SKU:114660 Dimensions: 16x2.5x16
Made to order: 6 - 8 Weeks
16x16 Stainless Drain Pan

SKU:129863 Dimensions: 12x4x14
Made to order: 6 - 8 Weeks
Drill Drain Pan - 12 x 14 x 4 - Stainless

Stainless Steel Drip & Drain Pans

Our stainless steel drip pans are made out of brushed stainless steel material that provides a corrosion-resistant, strong, durable, and finely appointed drip pan. These pans are used in residential and commercial applications, including healthcare, restaurant, and foodservice. Our stainless drip pans are built with fully-welding corners and hemmed edges for added strength. If you need to connect your pan to a drain line, choose a drain pan with a pre-drilled hole.