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Dual Washer Pans

Secure protection is important in preventing damage to your home from washer leaks. Our Dual Washer Pans provide convenient, heavy duty, reliable spill containment against these leaks. The washing machine presents a major risk of water damage, mildew and mold in your home. Add double protection with a drain pan that holds twice the machines!

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SKU:134711 Dimensions: 33x3x57
Made to order: 6 - 8 Weeks
57x33 Stainless Drain Pan

Double Sized Washer Pans

A common cause of residential water damage and mold is a malfunctioning washer.  Leak and overflow from these appliance can cause significant damage to your home. Our dual washer drip & drain pans fit double the amount of washing machines for this large laundry operations! These double sized washer pans are made to solve the residential leak problem.

Plastic washer pans are prone to crack or dry rot leaving a drain pan that leaks from corners or through penetrations in the plastic.  Protect your home securely with metal washer pans.

Washing Machine Drip & Drain Pans for Every Application

Our washing machine pans are made to accommodate most major appliance brands. With options in galvanized, stainless, and powder-coated cold rolled steel, we have a pan for virtually every spill containment application.

Our Double Washer Pans are designed particularly for holding multiple washers and protecting form leaks and spills that would otherwise damage surrounding building materials.

Why Select a Dual Washer Pan

In instances where a laundry room manages a double set of machines it is best to handle leak prevention in the most efficient way possible.  A double sized drain pan holds both machines in this set up allowing for the use of a single pan to contain and a single drain outlet handle spills for either machine.  With a Dual Washer Drain Pan only one drain line is required.

Which Materials are Used for Washing Machine Pans

The type of materials used for washing machine pans vary. However, the most common elements are plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. Many consumers are open to any one of these pans, but it is essential to pick a durable one. If the pan is susceptible to breakage, that defeats the entire purpose of a washing machine pan.

When purchasing a pan, opt for one that is resistant to cracking or breaking. The pan must be able to withstand the vibrations, humidity, and condensation produced by the washer.

Plastic Washing Machine Pans

Pans made of plastic are affected by the varying temperatures and humidity produced by washers and dryers. They are likely to become warped or cracked with time. Plastic pans may last for a few years, and afterward, they will need to be replaced. Also, after being stepped on repeatedly while putting clothes in the washer, they are vulnerable to damage.

As for aesthetics, plastic washing machine pans do not offer the most pleasing appearance. For individuals who pride themselves on having a visually appealing home and laundry room, a plastic pan will not add to the aesthetics.

Aluminum Washing Machine Pans

As for aluminum pans, they also do not offer permanency. Aluminum is a soft metal, and although it’s a bit stronger than plastic, it is not entirely reliable. With continued use, an aluminum washing machine pan can become distorted and even punctured from the abusive environment of a laundry room.

Again, a pan that is damaged horribly will make your laundry room look messy. Choosing a washing machine pan that offers durability and also caters to the aesthetic of your laundry room is ideal.

Aluminum Pan

Stainless Steel or Galvanized Washer Pans

Stainless steel or galvanized pans are very heavy-duty. They are incredibly resilient and last for many years. Steel washing machine pans hold water without causing rust or deterioration like those materials mentioned above. By purchasing steel pans, you can anticipate that your investment will serve you for a long time. Since they are less vulnerable to damage, they will also keep your laundry room looking tidy and clean.