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Under Sink Rubber Mat 34" L x 22" W x 0.25" H - Natural Rubber



The Under Sink Rubber Mat - Affordable Under Sink Leak Detection

The purpose of this protective sink mat is to serve as a leak detector notification for when your sink leaks; allowing you time to fix the leaking before major damage occurs. Leaks can come from several different water sources in your kitchen or bathroom. Our mat prevents water from sitting under your sink for long periods of time. This helps decrease the risk of mold, rot, and water damage.

Rubber Channels help keep your under-sink items dry while the water flows from the leak point on the inside of your cabinetry out the front of the mat, alerting you a leak is occurring. The back lip of the pan keeps the water from flowing to the back of your cabinet base and helps guide the water to move forward. The Under Sink Rubber Mat is easy to install; simply place the mat with the wall touching the backside of your cabinet. For a perfect fit, the mat can be trimmed on the sides or front of the mat to fit your cabinet base. We consider the Under Sink Rubber Mat a "one size fits all" product for kitchen and bathroom sink cabinets.

The mat comes at a size of 34" L x 22" W x 0.25" H, but the customizable grooves make it easy to fit smaller kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. Note that when cutting, there should always be a groove wall on each side to ensure water does not flow over the side and touch your cabinet wall.

If you are looking for complete protection for accidents such as burst pipes and severe drain leaks, we offer a selection of American-Made Sink Drip Pans for all of your needs.

Product Overview:

Length: 34"

Width: 22"

Height: 0.25"

Material: Natural Rubber

Finish: Black

Thickness: 1/8"


Additional product info

1.00 lbs
22.00 in
0.25 in
34.00 in
Compatible model

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