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How Drain Pans Saved My Home


"Our washing machine drain pans are probably the best cost savings measures we have ever had in our home."

Killarney Metals recently got a call from one of our customers about something that is near and dear to our hearts. We enjoyed their story so much that we asked them to write it all down so that we could share it with other users on our website. Consider this a case study on how a simple drain pan can save your home.

We recently traveled out of the country. It was a long family vacation of 8 days. As we enjoyed our time at the beach, at home there were torrential downpours almost every single day. It was raining buckets as they say. All of the rain created quite a stir in our well, which caused an issue with the PSI gauge installed to govern our water supply.

Due to a buildup of silt in the system, the gauge which was set to keep the PSI below 75 allowed the pressure to build up over 110 pounds per square inch. Evidently this added pressure wreaked havoc throughout the system causing stressed lines and pressure release valves to give. Unfortunately, the valves in our washing machines could not handle the additional pressure, so they released and allowed water to leak through. While all this was happening at home we were lounging in the sun without a care in the world.

We are not sure how long the washing machines leaked but after they both filled their dormant, front load tanks to the point where the open door would allow water to exit, water began leaking out of the machine front and... into a Killarney Metals Drain Pan. How happy we are that we can say that! We got home to find water standing in our washing machine tanks and spilling out the front of the washers. But because of the drain pans under the washing machines, the leak was contained and the water was evacuated out of our home.

An estimated 64 gallons of water leaked through the broken valves on our washing machines. That 64 gallons of water could have produced over $20,000 in repair costs. All that was averted because we purchased and installed a $200 pan from Killarney Metals. Thank you so much for making such a simply outstanding product. Our washing machine drain pans are probably the best cost savings measures we have ever had in our home.

Richard and Leah
Charlotte, North Carolina

We so much love this story! We hope you enjoyed it as well. If you would like to purchase the “best cost savings measure” available for your home, check out our Washing Machine Drain Pans here. Also, feel free to contact our helpful staff at 877-801-7417.



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