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Don’t Let HVAC Condensate Damage Your Building

Large HVAC units and air handlers are crucial components of most commercial buildings. When hot air comes in contact with the cooling evaporator coils, the heat exchange causes a release of moisture. Containing the condensate from large HVAC systems is important to prevent damage to materials and potential mold growth


Killarney Metals offers HVAC drip pans and HVAC drain pans for use in exterior and interior applications as well as on the floor or hanging HVAC units. Our large HVAC condensate drain pans are great for catching the water dripping off the unit. In the event that your condensate drain line may become clogged, we recommend installing a smart leak alert device to let you know if the pan becomes full. 

 Protect your Investment with a Quality HVAC Drain Pan

Available in stainless or galvanized steel, our HVAC condensate drain pans are much more durable than the cheap, plastic pans which are more widely available. The right drain pan for your application depends on the location, how much condensate is produced, and the physical size (footprint) of the HVAC unit. Give us a call, or refer to our HVAC drain pan selection guide for more information on selecting the correct pan. 

Why risk damage costs from a leaking unit when such a cost-effective solution exists to prevent such damage? Check out our stock HVAC drip and drain pan solutions below and let us know how we can help with a customized HVAC drain pan.

Special Features

  • Industrial Duty Construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Protects Building Investment
  • Corrosion Resistant

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AC Drip Pan - 28" x 28" x 2" - Stainless Steel

Made to order: 15 Business Days
Dimensions: 28x2x28
28x28 Stainless AC Drip Pan
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HVAC Drain Pan - 44" x 14" x 2" - Galvanized Steel

Made to order: 15 Business Days
Dimensions: 14x2x44
44x14 Galvanized AC Drain Pan
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