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Spill Tray Specifications A spill tray, also commonly known as a drip pan, is an important part of any spill containment program. A spill tray should possess the following vital attributes:

A Spill Tray should be accessible and portable when necessary. In some instances a spill tray will remain in location under a potential spill area. However, in other instances you may store the spill tray for emergencies when a spill occurs. If you intend to store your spill tray, make sure that it is accessible and portable.

A Spill Tray should be made of appropriate materials. You do not want to have a light plastic spill tray for an acid leak! Use a spill tray that will stand up to what is spilled into it. Metal spill trays are known for durability and corrosion resistance.

A Spill Tray must be large enough. Make sure that your spill tray is large enough to hold the contents required. Nothing is worst than thinking you have a spill covered and then realizing that the tray you have is too small to contain the spill. If your potential spill will involve a source (continuing flow) you may consider a drain pan solution or multiple spill trays until the source can be shut down.

A Spill Tray must be maintained. Always know the condition of your spill trays. Trays made out of plastic can be damaged over time with cracking from exposure to heat. Heavy objects can crush thin metal spill trays. Make sure that you are aware of the location of your spill tray and if it is in working order.

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